I was delighted to discover Upper James Garden Centre. Their collection of hanging baskets and compact plant varieties allowed me to transform my balcony into a lush green retreat. The quality of their soil and selection of herbs and vegetables exceeded my expectations and affordable, making it easy to cultivate fresh ingredients right at home.
Mia Brown
Upper James Garden Centre is a down-to-earth spot where you can find what you need for your garden without any fuss. They've got a good range of plants, from the ones that come back every year to the ones you gotta plant fresh. Soil's good quality too.
Nancy & Mike T.
When it comes to soil, Upper James Garden Centre has got you covered. I found everything I needed for my garden beds and pots, from triple mix to top dressing. Good quality stuff and affordable that really helps my plants thrive.
Isabella Wong
If you're into flowers, you'll love Upper James Garden Centre. They've got a ton of different kinds, all blooming and beautiful. I got some for my garden and they really brighten up the place. Happy to refer their garden center to family and friends.
Jonathan D.
Living in the city, it's hard to find space for plants. But Upper James Garden Centre's got stuff that fits even small balconies. They've also got all the soil and pots you need, so you can grow your own veggies and herbs right at home.
Daniel Wilson
Found some great deals on flowers and hanging baskets at Upper James Garden Centre. They look just as good as the pricier ones I've seen elsewhere. Happy with my finds.
Matteo Conti
Been gardening for years and this place has some good stuff. Healthy plants and a good range, including some unique ones. Happy with what I got.
Aryan Banerjee
Trying to be more eco-friendly with my gardening, and this place has a good selection of organic stuff. Seeds, fertilizers, you name it. Feels good to shop here.
Hugo T.
Didn't know much about gardening but the staff helped me out. They gave me tips on what to get and how to take care of it. Now I've got a garden and it's going well.
Hong Nguyen
I got my flowers, plants, vegetables and soil from Upper James Garden Centre. Their prices are reasonable and the quality is solid. I would recommend them to anyone.
Daniel W.