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Hamilton Garden Centre
Where you’ll find flowers, plants and soils for your garden in Hamilton, Ontario
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Hamilton Flowers & Plants For Your Garden
Annuals – Perennials – Herbs – Vegetables – Tropicals – Hanging Baskets – And More

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Premium Hamilton Garden Soils
Tripple Mix Soil – Screened Topsoil – Top Dressing and Manure

Your haven for all things green and blooming in Hamilton, Ontario.

Welcome to Upper James Garden Centre


Just outside of the busy city downtown, our boutique garden center in located on Hamilton mountain and is a tranquil oasis where gardening dreams take root and flourish. From vibrant flowers to lush plants, succulent vegetables to cascading hanging baskets, we offer a curated selection to inspire every gardener, novice or seasoned.

At Upper James Garden Centre, we're more than just a shop – we're your partners in cultivating beauty and tranquility in your outdoor space. Whether you're looking to add a splash of color to your patio, create a thriving vegetable garden, or simply enrich your soil for healthier plants, our knowledgeable staff are here to provide expert advice and guidance every step of the way. In addition to our wide selection of vibrant flowers, lush plants, succulent vegetables, and cascading hanging baskets, we also offer premium garden soil options, including triple mix, screen topsoil, and nutrient-rich manure. Come explore our Hamilton garden centre at 2300 Upper James Street on Hamilton mountain just minutes from Hamilton airport and downtown.

About Garden Centre

Step into our garden centre and discover what we can offer. Our carefully curated selection boasts a wide variety of vibrant flowers, verdant plants, succulent vegetables, and cascading hanging baskets, each handpicked to thrive in our local climate.


For those seeking a burst of color and fragrance, our collection of flowers encompasses both perennial and annual varieties, ensuring your garden dazzles with beauty year after year.


In addition to our triple mix, we also offer screen topsoil, perfect for filling in low spots, leveling uneven terrain, and creating a nutrient-rich base for new sod or seed. Our top dressing soil provides the finishing touch for your garden

Our Garden Centre Reviews

“I was delighted to discover Upper James Garden Centre. Their collection of hanging baskets and compact plant varieties allowed me to transform my balcony into a lush green retreat. The quality of their soil and selection of herbs and vegetables exceeded my expectations and affordable, making it easy to cultivate fresh ingredients right at home.”

Mia Brown

“When it comes to soil, Upper James Garden Centre has got you covered. I found everything I needed for my garden beds and pots, from triple mix to top dressing. Good quality stuff and affordable that really helps my plants thrive.”

Isabella Wong

“Been gardening for years and this place has some good stuff. Healthy plants and a good range, including some unique ones. Happy with what I got.”

Aryan Banerjee

“I got my flowers, plants, vegetables and soil from Upper James Garden Centre. Their prices are reasonable and the quality is solid. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Daniel W.

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